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Why Gin?

Hey guys,

Thought I would drop you a line and tell you about our amazing GIN! It’s smooth, it’s aromatic and it’s won some pretty impressive awards! You can read all about the distilling process, botanicals and extra info on our page, but for right now I would love to tell you how the whole thing came about.

I am a bit of a dreamer, a planner and definitely an action taker! So, when someone jokingly suggests something to me, they should really be prepared for me to make it happen.

I was actually investing my time in trying to organize an energy drink, which honestly… wasn’t going very well. So as I was Sitting around the fire pit with my Dad one night, enjoying a rum and trying to work out the next plan of attack on this dam energy drink,  he proceeded to tell me about how impressively tasty the rum is that they have in Africa (my Dad spends most his life living over there – but that is a whole other story) I of course am still deep in thought on energy drink related issues, I nod in agreement (as if I would know) take a sip of the Bundy in my hand and decide to put the work related thoughts to bed and just enjoy this time with my family. Music goes on, my feet go up and I tune in to what my Dad is telling me. He stares at me for a minute, sips his drink and then explains how easy it would be to import this rum and that White Knuckle should be doing it…Lightbulb flicks on, relaxation mode flicks off and I jump to my feet with excitement! YES!!! We will do it! I spend the next few hours planning the White Knuckle Red Rum World Take over! I have no idea how. No idea Where to start. No idea how much it will cost. And no idea that everyone had gone to bed and left me alone lol. My wife fell asleep secretly hoping that by morning I would have forgotten the whole idea…maybe it was just the drinks talking… but she should know me well enough by now… I was up at the crack of dawn plotting and planning with my Dad a trip to Africa to get this all started. (Now the trip to Africa is again – A whole other story!! I will tell you all one day)

Well a few weeks past, we had lined all our ducks in a row and boarded the plane to check out this amazing rum and organize the details of everything. Turns out our ducks were all in a row…but we had underestimated the costs and overestimated our ability to cover them. So sadly, we returned with a “to be completed at a later date” on our project. I was disappointed, I was stumped about how we could break in to a market with no product, no direction and really no contacts…. but as fate would have it, once I got back to Perth and back to my “day job” I bumped in to an incredible opportunity. I literally met the man that would put us on the path to discovering White Knuckle Gin!

They say that if something is meant to happen then it will find a way, the doors will open and it will suddenly just flow once you are on the right path. I can definitely confirm that this is a true phenomenon, I mean, there has been ALOT of ups, downs and some pretty stressful moments in this whole experience but mostly it has flowed in the right direction. I have met people out of the blue in random situations that turned out to be the biggest and most helpful individuals, influencers of the best kind with connections, the drive to succeed, the willingness to be a part of the journey and the attitude of growth! I have been truly impressed with the people that have now become part of the White Knuckle family over this process, from the ones that have entrusted me with their time, money and creativity to the ones that have help to educate and guide me on all the nitty gritty bits if this industry.

This Gin is filled with the flavors of our native Australian flora and the spirit of all who made this happen! (see what I did there)

So, grab yourself a glass… pour in a touch of White Knuckle Gin and your favorite Tonic then sit back and imagine all the things that are possible in the world… you won’t regret it!


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