Distilling is an exacting science where “near enough” is not good enough. The entire process from the blending of botanicals still operating flows and temperatures to the final blending needs to operate within extremely small tolerances to ensure consistency of the final product.

Our 150-litre Arnold Holstein copper pot still not only is a magnificently engineered impressive looking piece of equipment, the copper contributes to the smoothness of the final spirit by removing impurities during the distilling process which runs around the 80-degree Celsius mark (actual distilling temperature 78 to 79.5 degrees Celsius). This still produces a high-quality spirit whilst allowing enough of the base flavours through, delivering a fine high quality flavoursome spirit.

We also have it’s smaller sibling with a 5-litre capacity which has been engineered to produce identical results to the 150 litre still (at 1/30th of the flow rate) allowing us to accomplish the many trials required during product development, before doing a large (150 litre) run,enabling us to be fastidious about our final products and eliminates the temptation of delivering an inferior product. 

Perth is one of the most remote cities on the planet and it is blessed with brisk trade winds. We enjoy an extremely clean air, a temperate climate and relatively pure rainwater. Because the estate is 50 kilometres north east of Perth, we have an abundance of high quality pollutant free water. In line with our focus on sustainability and quality, this pure water is not chemically treated and it is used in all our processes, giving us the taste and quality advantage over other producers.

We are fastidious in our selection of raw ingredients to ensure quality and consistency. We believe that what nature provides is best for our products. The majority of our citrus is produced in our own organic orchard and other fresh ingredients that we don’t produce are sourced locally with a focus on freshness. More than half of the botanicals used in our gins are indigenous or Australian, including but not limited to Bush Tomato, Quandong seed, Lemon Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle and Peppermint Gum.

Our products are produced with the maceration method (as opposed to the hanging basket method) for taste and to preserve the complexity of flavours. Our gins are made by macerating selected botanicals and fresh ingredients in a high-quality wheat-based alcohol to extract the flavours we want. It is then combined with pure rainwater and distilled. By only retaining the hearts of the distillation we ensure only the best flavours for our gins. Due to the relatively high citrus content our gins may experience some minor clouding. This will not in any way affect the flavour of the product.

Our focus on using Australian ‘bush tucker’ botanicals, combined with many tastings led to the birth of our first own brand gin- the “Reveli Gin”. This is a London Dry Gin with 40% ABV incorporating predominantly Australian botanicals including Quandong seed Bush Tomato (kutjera) and locally produced citrus. The Reveli Gin won a Silver Medal in the 2016 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA).

After the 2016 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards medal, the Reveli recipe was improved and we were delighted to win a Gold Medal in the 2017 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

Our Gidgie Distilleries WHITE KNUCKLE GIN is a contemporary ‘new world’ gin at 40% ABV which was awarded a GOLD Medal at the 2017 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards. We developed the White Knuckle Gin to be slightly more refreshing during our hot Western Australian summers and it incorporates higher citrus undertones and using more of the Australian Myrtles. The use of distinctly Australian botanicals along with a selection of the more traditional ingredients makes this an unmistakably Australian gin.