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Frank Ray – Music Collaboration – 2018

Hello again!!

What most of you don’t know is that we at White Knuckle are not just extreme sports adrenaline junkies!! We love our down time…. we especially  love to chill with our feet up and some great tunes playing. Which is exactly why we have joined forces with FRANK RAY and White Knuckle Productions. Frank Ray delivers the smooth sounds of Texas Country, and is currently NUMBER ONE on Texas Country Radio. He is set to take the World by storm with his up coming tour. You can check out his latest songs on you tube, including his number one hit The Drive!

Our love of music runs pretty deep and it is exciting to be helping deliver great tunes around the world….but our passion is in our local community and we love to support upcoming talent in our home State of Western Australia and all around this great country. Keep your eye out for the list of all our sponsored local musicians which will be posted here soon!

If you know some talented individuals around Australia then send us their info so we can check them out too!

2 thoughts on “Frank Ray – Music Collaboration – 2018

  1. Loved the song!

    1. Yeah we think it’s pretty awesome too! Thanks for checking it out!

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